About Tonic


Tonic is one of the first digital offerings in Bangladesh to address the full spectrum of health and wellness related needs through a joined-up, integrated service. By combining prevention-focused digital content, phone-based access to primary care, and tools to finance hospital care, Tonic serves as the gateway towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and helps “members” and their families make better choices across their health journeys.  


Tonic Variants 

Tonic is a monthly subscription based service. There are various variants of Tonic subscriptions with differing monthly subscription fees and corresponding levels of benefits for members and their families.  

Tonic Basic is the free variant of Tonic with minimal level of benefits.  


Tonic Benefits

In general, Tonic Benefits include: 

  • Health Tips: Free tips and advice on how to live well and maintain a healthy family via SMS, app, the web, and social media platforms i.e. Facebook. Content will become increasingly personalized over time as members continue to interact with Tonic. 
  • Tonic Doctor: Immediate access to advice on primary care and general medical queries from a trained doctor via the phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at an affordable rate. Doctors are backed by robust quality standards and protocols. 
  • Tonic Discounts: Free access for Tonic Members to discounts up to a maximum of 50% on medicines, bed rates, tests,  and other services at over 800 of the most popular hospitals, pharmacies, diagnostics and lifestyle brands across Bangladesh. 
  • Tonic Cash: Free cash coverage for Tonic Members up to a maximum of BDT 250,000.00 per subscription year if hospitalized for three nights or more, paid directly to the member’s mobile banking wallet.  
  • Tonic Mobile App: The Tonic app is tailor-made to meet the needs of a growing digital Bangladesh; providing information in Bangla and streamlining access for all to its core services – Health Tips, Tonic Doctor, Tonic Discounts, Tonic Cash –  within the app. 


Eligibility for Tonic Membership:

At present Tonic is available to Grameenphone subscribers. Any Grameenphone user can join Tonic with their Grameenphone mobile number via the 20000 short code (USSD and IVR), https://mytonic.com, and at any Grameenphone Center.  

To remain a Tonic Basic Member (free variant) in good standing of Tonic -- and continue to receive all of the Tonic benefits under Tonic Basic -- the free Members simply need to make a call, send an SMS, or browse the web with their Grameenphone SIM once a month. 

To remain a Member of a paid variant of Tonic and continue to receive all of the Tonic benefits under the Tonic variant - the paid Members simply need to renew their Tonic subscriptions upon expiration of the current membership period. 

To know further about Tonic, please visit Tonic Terms of Service (Link