The change of seasons demands better care for your children. This period brings a lot of diseases with it. Especially if your child has asthma then the cold weather makes it worse. This article is all about that.

Everyone knows about asthma. It is a Greek word. We call it ‘Hapani” in Bengali.

Moderate cold can accelerate the effects of asthma. So, we have to treat it with utmost seriousness. Usually, colds catch on from the end of Autumn to the beginning of winter. Flus and other diseases are quite prevalent in this period. Change of seasons is the main cause behind these diseases and asthma.

Symptoms of asthma:

  •     Breathing difficulties

  •     Hollow sounds when breathing

  •     Coughing

  •     Breathlessness

Causes of the disease:

·         Retraction of the windpipe limiting flow of air.

·         Inflammation in the windpipe because of germ attack.

·         Breathing polluted air gradually causes asthma attacks for children.

Asthma is usually genetic. But it can also be caused by change of seasons, dust, scent/sprays, cigarette and other smoke etc.

How to control asthma attacks:

o   Parents need to stop smoking if their child has asthma.

o   Asthma is not contagious like the common cold or flu. Breastfeeding is safe. Asthma does not spread this way.

o   Keep your child neat and clean and away from dust.

o   Don’t make your child wear old clothes as they have dust. Make sure they wear clean clothes.

o   Get your child to do some basic exercises. Seek a doctor’s help if need be.

Don’t be alarmed if your child has asthma. Proper treatment and healthy lifestyle will help control the effects a lot.

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