Diabetes During Pregnancy: Symptoms and Remedies

Research shows that during pregnancy, women have a 10% higher chance of getting Diabetes. The Placenta produces various hormones for developing and growing the embryo, which results in glucose being released at higher levels in the mother’s body. To use this glucose effectively, the body requires greater amounts of insulin, however a mother’s body is not prepared for this sudden change and cannot release enough insulin, Therefore, during pregnancy, glucose levels tend to increase in the blood and as a result they suffer from Diabetes.  

Negative effects of Diabetes during pregnancy

  • The size of the baby expands, resulting in delivery complications.

  • Mother’s Blood Pressure and mother’s Pre-Eclampsia risk increases dramatically.

  • Delivery might occur earlier than due date.

  • Increases the risk of miscarriage.

  • After birth, these babies might face many problems such as low amounts of glucose in blood, jaundice, obesity and even Diabetes in the future.

How to avoid Diabetes during pregnancy

Maintaining weight and keeping fit are the best ways to avoid Diabetes during pregnancy. When you think of conceiving, you should be conscious about your health. Women who are overweight or above the age of 30 have higher risk of having Diabetes. And if someone from your family suffers from Type 2 Diabetes then you are more likely to get Diabetes during pregnancy. If you had Diabetes during your first pregnancy, then your body is more prone to it the second time as well.

Symptoms of Diabetes during pregnancy

There is no significant symptom by which you can confirm it, but the following symptoms are the most common-

  • Getting excessively thirsty

  • Urinating every now and then

  • Excessive fatigue

  • Getting a Yeast infection or thrush in the opening of the ovary every now and then

Usually these symptoms are common in pregnant women. By testing the glucose level in your blood, you can confirm whether you have Diabetes or not.

Ways of controlling Diabetes during pregnancy

In most cases, Diabetes during pregnancy can be controlled with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

As a result-

  • With doctor consultation, glucose level in the blood can be controlled.

  • Proper nutrition for both the mother and the baby can be ensured.

  • It becomes easy to maintain an ideal weight during pregnancy.

However, as many to be mothers may need insulin injection, the doctor’s consultation is necessary. It’s very important to monitor the mother’s glucose level in the blood through regular check-ups. The complication of Diabetes during pregnancy can be avoided easily by controlling the glucose level in the blood.      

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