Many people forget to look after their health when caught amidst the routine of corporate life. Every day the breakfast gets excluded while going to the office in a hurry. Then fried foods and tea / coffee is consumed on an empty stomach from the office cafeteria. And then except for the time of the lunch, the remaining 6-7 hours is spent continuously sitting on the chair working with eyes on the computer. The harmful effects of these regular routines on the body is uncountable.

So do you have to leave the job to stay healthy? It's as impossible as it is unnecessary. It is possible to avoid these diseases by bringing corporate life under a little control.

Healthy Breakfast is required in the morning:

Do not miss breakfast at any way. It is the most important meal of the day. (See details) and avoid the unhealthy fried foods from outside as a breakfast on an empty stomach. They harm the stomach.

Lunch with home-made food:

Restaurant food can be eaten once in a while. But cannot be made into an everyday practice. You can easily prepare for lunch at home by making the delicious penne pasta or a healthy oats khichuri.

Do not sit continuously for more than 40 minutes:

If you’re continuously sitting for 4/5 hours straight, not only does it cause pain on one side, such as shoulders, back and waist pain, on the other hand the metabolism rate decreases further as well. As a result of this, weight increases easily and it gradually begins to bind the body to diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

Rule 20-20-20 to rest the eyes:

Those who work on the computer, they should be looking 20 feet away every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. If you can’t take these little breaks in between your work, your eyesight will get worse faster, day after day, along with problems such as headaches, migraines etc.

Nice time with family:

Remember, the first rule of staying healthy is a cheerful mind. Do not get busy with social media right after you come home. Spend some nice quality time with the family. This habit will keep your mind light, you will feel happy and there will be no boredom or depression in life. A healthy mind is very much required for a healthy body.

Stay healthy, stay good – with that hope we, Tonic, will be by your side.

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