Almost all of us have experienced sudden heartburns. Sometimes the burning sensation extends to the throat and stomach. Then comes the acidic burp. This causes burning in the throat and nose. This is a sticky situation. This is acid reflux. This can happen at any time of the day. So, keep some medicine handy at all times.

How can you prevent or minimize this issue? Avoid food and drinks that cause this problem. For example, deep fried food, coffee, carbonated beverages, high-fat dairy products etc.

Avoid fried meat. Go for lightly roasted meat. Eat low-fat well-seasoned food. Avoid eating just before going to bed. Avoid three large meals a day and go for smaller more frequent (4-5 times) meals. Have coffee or chocolates after a meal, especially after breakfast. Drink a lot of water during the day.

When to see a doctor:

If the effects are severe and medication doesn’t help or if you feel pain in your chest that spreads to your arm and shoulder then it can be a symptom of heart attack. In that case, seek a doctor’s advice as soon as possible.

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