The change of seasons sometimes brings a lot of disease and illness with them. The seasonal weather of our country changes drastically with the change of seasons. Seasonal diseases are common among children as well as people of all ages. Change of seasons accelerates different factors that are responsible for diseases.

Dr. Benjamin Kaplan of the Florida Orlando Health department has this to say about the matter, “Change of seasons brings a significant change in the environment’s temperature. This fluctuation in the temperature creates an ideal situation for germs to flourish. So, it is common to see viral diseases like flues and others at times like these”.

The humidity and heat that comes with the arrival of summer causes a lot of sweating. The excess sweat causes germ attacks and results in fever and other diseases. Allergies get worse in the summer for some people.  The dust in the air causes burning and viral diseases in the eyes.  Farmers often experience fevers at times of crop cultivation. This is caused by the different allergens present in the crops. Extreme heat also causes a lot of stomach issues. We eat out more often in the summer. So, a lot of stomach problems are caused and waterborne diseases are spread at times like these.

On the other hand, the dryness of the winter season brings a lot of allergies with it as well. The dryness causes dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, asthma etc. Flues often spread like epidemics. Common cold inducing rhinovirus and coronavirus spreads easily in colder weather. In the dry cold winter weather influenza virus spreads and contaminates easily. Bacterial infections and sinus problems are accelerated in this weather as well. The dust particles in the dry air causes allergies as well.

The change of seasons is a good time for germs to flourish and create a lot of diseases. Our bodies are never quite ready for this change. So, at times like these, you need to stay alert, get sufficient sleep, exercise and stay cautious about cleanliness. Add a healthy diet to the list and greatly improve your immune system as well.

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