Winter is coming. So is the flu, fever, headaches, dry skin and many more. These come with the package in winter and you should definitely see a doctor if the sickness levels get out of hand. But there are a few simple measures that can be taken to avoid ailments like the flu.

Let us learn about some tips from the Tonic expert.

·         Develop the habit of regularly washing your hands with soap, hand sanitizer or hand wash. Don’t forget to wash your hands before and after eating.

·         Keep your surroundings clean. Clean your furniture, electronic devices and utensils. If possible, regularly wash your clothes and bed sheets. This will prevent the growth of bacteria and virus that spread the flu and other diseases.

·         Shower every day. You can use warm water. Bathing regularly will keep your body clean and free from allergens and other harmful bacteria. This will also reduce body aches.

·         Ginger tea enhances the body’s defense system against diseases. Honey is also helpful. So, drink a lot of ginger and honey tea.

·         A refreshing deep sleep hugely enhances the immune system. A warm glass of milk before bed improves your sleep a lot.

·         Cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief when sneezing or coughing. Wash the cloth thoroughly with a sanitizer at the end of the day. This simple habit will keep yourself and others around you healthy.

·         Drink sufficient water. This boosts your immune system.

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