It’s in our nature to run for pain medication for the simplest of problems. Most of those scenarios probably didn’t even require pain medication but simply time and patience because natural healing is the best way to heal. However, it is undeniable that there are situations where pain medications are a must. So here is the list of common error we make while consuming the meds.

The more the merrier is NOT true:

We often have the tendency to think that if one pill is making us better, two will fix all our problems. Not only is this thinking completely wrong but can be lethal as well. Stuck to your doctor’s prescribed doses. If you are still in discomfort after taking the dose, call a Tonic Doctor or book an appointment for further clarification.

It’s NOT the solution to all your problems:

Simple headaches, knee pain or fever should not be the reason to reach over for the pills. They are very powerful drugs can cause damage to your kidneys, livers and other organs if consumed for prolong period. Even occasional consumption can lead to acidity and abdominal pain. If you have other health problems, the drugs can lead to more adverse effects than good. Hence, reconsider before deciding to take the medication and preferably look for alternative solutions. This can include rest, hot therapies, massage or you can chat with a doctor and find out other alternatives.

DON’T share your prescriptions:

Just because a medicine has worked for you does not in any way guarantee that it will too for someone else. Every problem is just as unique as their body composition and they have other chronic diseases like diabetes etc. that will affect their choice of medicine. So, refer a renowned doctor, but not the medicine.

DON’T ignore the after effects:

Pain medication is known to cause drowsiness, or make you feel a little lightheaded. It varies from person to person. So, it’s a good idea not to go out driving, or into a press conference, or do stressful work right after taking the pain medication. It’s better to wait out a few hours after the task is complete and then take the medication.

There are plenty of other ways to avoid common mistakes we make with pain medication. So download the app today, and subscribe to get many more tips and tricks to make your daily life a little easier and follow the health channels of your choice. We’ll support you to make the most out of your personal doctor in your pocket.

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