Is your partner frustrated with you because of your snoring? Does it keep them awake all night? Or does it keep you from a good night’s rest? Well then it’s time to take some steps to save your relationship! While there are pills and sprays out there, they don’t have a 100% success rate. So we’ll look at some natural remedies and ways to help ease the problem.

A new position:

The way we sleep can be a cause of snoring. The base of our tongue and soft palate collapse to the back wall of our throat when we sleep on our backs causing the vibrating motion of snoring. This can be solved with the simple solution of sleeping on our sides. With the use of supporting pillows on our sides this can easily be facilitated.

Weight control:

Sometimes being overweight or obese can be a leading cause of snoring due to too much fat around the neck muscles making the passage narrow and causing obstruction while sleeping. Often the first step to saying goodbye to snoring, is saying goodbye to the excess weight. This does not mean losing all the weight overnight. Regular exercises and healthy eating can lead to gradual weight loss which can reduce snoring over time. Snoring may be a symptom of more serious issues as well, so do consult a doctor by booking an appointment or call a doctor for the right treatments.

Throat and tongue exercises:

 The air passage of men is naturally narrower than women, making them more prone to snoring. Combine that with a naturally heavy throat with fatty muscle around it, and you got yourself a heavy snorer. But no need to lose hope. Because regular movements of the throat and muscle can help you feel a difference. Open your jaws and stretch them and close them again. Repeat this pattern but don’t over stretch and you’ll feel the back of your throat opening up.

Keep your nasal tracks open:

Having a blocked nose can cause snoring. It’s important to go to bed making sure the nasal tracks are open. Use a nasal drop, or menthol if you have a congestion or cold cause the nose to be blocked. If you can, take a hot shower before going to bed. This helps open the nasal tracks as well.

With proper attention and dedication snoring can be over come naturally to a great extent. Now your partner will have one less thing to complain about! Do download the app and subscribe to know more ways to make life easier by following the different health channels!

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