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Students start memorizing from their early days of school. It is important that we keep in mind that this skill does not decrease after we start working, instead we need to keep different types of work in our mind every day.

Memorizing or keeping something in mind is very easy for some people but a bit difficult and time consuming for others. The following advices will make it easier for you to memorize and remember topics more.

  • Pick a place where your concentration won’t be hampered.

  • To memorize an informative topic, first read it out and record it. Afterwards, listen to the recording made previously.

  • Along with reading the topic you are memorizing, write it down as well.

  • While writing down the topics, divide them into different sections by using different colours. By doing this, you can remember the differences among the topics.

  • Re-write everything down from memory.  

  • It is very effective to teach someone else what you have learnt. Thus, you get more practice on those topics.

  • Take breaks instead of memorizing for a long stretch of time.

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