Cleanliness is not only important for physical health and working but it also has a strong relationship with our minds too. Have you ever noticed that we feel nice to stay in a clean house, we readily fall asleep in an organized bed, or even the beautiful smell of detergent washed clothes adds to the whole experience of wearing them? Various researchers across the world have been studying these phenomena. Today, we will get to know about a few such studies and also about daily cleanliness.

Associate Professor, Nicole Keith of Indiana University conducted a study on 998 individuals and found that the ones with more organized and clean households were relatively more happy and active. Isn’t this interesting? The reason behind this is said to be that ensuring cleanliness would prevent us from the attack of various germs and diseases. However, for various reasons, it is not always possible to stay clean and also keep our homes and workplaces clean as well. Just the way lack of time, immense workload makes it quite difficult to stay neat and clean, in the same way we also fail to understand the downsides of not changing this habits.

It is not that staying neat and clean increases just our work efficiency. Organising our tasks also helps to reduce mental stress which also impacts your night’s sleep. So, organize your office desk or study table today itself! You can also place a flower vase beside the table. A money plant would also serve the purpose. Place a bin near the table to throw dry trash or pages. If possible, you could also try placing a scented container. A beautiful fragrance would brighten the air in the room this way. You would feel motivated to work. Change your bedsheet to a comfortable, light coloured, clean one. You would fall asleep earlier this way.

Be it your office or your home, cleanliness is extremely vital. It has a huge impact behind our thoughts and a sound mind. By making it a habit, this powerful psychology would therefore make work a lot easier for you than it previously was.

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