There are a lot of soft drinks in the market. All these delicious drinks are very appealing. But do we ever stop to think about the health implications? Do you know how harmful these are for your teeth?

Soft drinks can inflict temporary and permanent to your teeth. Cavities are formed when you drink too much soda. You might not be able to stop drinking soda all together in the beginning. So, here are some tips to prevent damage to your teeth.

·         Don’t drink more than one soda a day. One is enough to damage your teeth!

·         Drink quickly, don’t keep it in your mouth for long. Because the sugar and acid present in the drinks can harm your mouth a lot.

·         Use a straw or a pipe. This will ensure minimum contact with your teeth.

·         Gargle with water after drinking a soda.

Remember that these drinks are acidic. These acidic drinks are very harmful for your teeth. You should gradually stop drinking soda completely. Isn’t it better to stop drinking and preserve your teeth for when you are older?

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