Penne pasta with meat and yogurt is very healthy and tasty. People love this dish for its health and taste aspect. The ingredients required to make this delicious dish are: · Penne Pasta · Meat · Yogurt · Garlic · Pine nuts · Salt · Pepper · Curry powder · Coriander leaves · Olive oil Recipe- Drizzle some olive oil in a pan on medium heat. Put the garlic and the meat in. Stir for some time. Add salt. Then add curry powder and pepper and mix thoroughly. Heat up oil in another pan. Lightly roast the pine nuts until golden brown. Stir gently while roasting. Put the yogurt in a bowl. Add salt, black or white pepper and mix them well. Now add the pasta to marinate. After that, put the pasta in another bowl. Add the meat, roasted pine nuts and coriander leaves. And your healthy and tasty penne pasta with meat and yogurt is ready! If you are very health conscious and don’t want any compromises this dish is perfect for you. You can have this dish in your daily diet without a worry. Enjoy!
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