Frequently asked questions

What is tonic?

Tonic is a digital health service for Grameenphone subscribers. As a Tonic member you can enjoy benefits like Tonic Jibon, Tonic Daktar, Tonic Cash and Tonic Discount. For details please visit:

Is calling 20000 free of cost?

Call charge is only 5 tk/minute to talk to Tonic Daktar. Nothing will be charged till the call gets connected to Tonic Daktar. Thank you.

Timing of Tonic doctor?

Talk to Tonic Daktar 24 hours 365 days!

What is tonic's main aim?

Tonic's aim is to suggest better ways of being healthy and happy. Tonic is your companionn for welbeing. To get useful tips on health and happiness please visit:

How to get Tonic Hospicash or Health Wallet Cash?

If a Tonic Member becomes hospitalized due to a valid reason in a government registered hospital/clinic having 15 (fifteen) or more beds for a period of 3 (three) consecutive nights or more, then the member can apply for a variety of Tonic Hospicash on the basis of Tonic membership status. To get this benefit, the member has to make the claim within 30 (thirty) days of getting discharged from the hospital.

Also, customers of a package with Health Wallet feature can apply for Health Wallet Cash after taking specialist doctor consultation or getting a radiology & imaging test done from a Tonic Partner outlet. In this case, the member has to make the Health Wallet Cash claim within 30 (thirty) days of taking advice or test.

What is tonic astha & shurokkha?

Tonic Astha/ Shurokkha is a premium health package which will give world-class standards of clinical quality and customer experience. For a small monthly cost, you get Tonic Tonic Astha/ Shurokkha exclusive benefits such as 90 minutes talk time to consult with Tonic doctor & customize health tips. As a Tonic Tonic Astha/ Shurokkha member, you will also enjoy FREE up to 250,000 TK cash benefit in a year if you stay 3 nights or more in a hospital. Every Tonic Tonic Astha/ Shurokkha member can also chat with Quality Doctors of Tonic through Tonic App for 24/7, not only that but also will have an access to exclusive appointment slots with the countries most renowned doctors & special discount on executive health checkup