Keep Calm and Fair Well in your Exams

No matter how much you try, the thought of an exam the next day is bound to give you the jitters. But the key to success is to remain calm and composed so that you do not mess up all the hard work that you have been putting in during the preparations and revisions.
The night before the exam day is as tough a getting through the entire exam duration itself. The nerve racking feeling needs to be put to rest and we need to be calm to perform at our best the next day.
We bring you some tips that would help soothe your thoughts and keep you in a healthy and relaxed state of mind to keep your exam day as panic-free as possible.

  •  Plan your revisions – Even though you have been going through the entire syllabus again and again and you are pretty confidant of your memory, some anxiety is normal to creep in. To keep these anxious feelings at bay, plan your revisions well in time before the day ends, and relax after that. Try not to read till the very last moment.

  •  Take proper breaks – Continuous hours of studying tends to put you in a state of exhaustion and saturation. This further might affect how much your brain is able to retain and reproduce efficiently. Take proper breaks between your study sessions and rejuvenate your concentration at regular intervals. This will keep you feeling fresh and active.

  •  Eat healthy –It is a common practice for kids to miss meals during their exam preparations and then binge on junk food at wrong timings when hungry. This increases lethargy and stress and is bound to affect your exam performance. Make it a point not to miss the three essential meals of the day and concentrate on eating the right kind of food to keep you healthy and comfortable.

  •  Sleep well – A good night’s sleep is one of the key pointers that will help you fair well in your exams. Everyone gets tired and needs those effective 8 hours of sound sleep that freshens up the mind and gets you ready for your big day. Sleep at an appropriate time when your mind seems to take in less than it can retain, and get up on time to start the day early.

  •  Music for the mind – It is important that you remain with your books throughout the exam time. But a little relaxation is necessary for your mind. Listen to light and soulful music that de-stresses you and lightens up the burden. It will surely help you do better.

The take home message is to let go of the stress and relax before you hit the big day with all your confidence and give your best performance.

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