Tonic Benefits

Tonic discount

Tonic wants members and their families to be healthy and lively. So Tonic Free, Advanced and Premium members across the country are getting up to 50% discount at various hospitals, diagnostic centers, pharmacies and lifestyle brands. This discount also applies for seats or rooms in hospitals, health tests and for expert medical advice. Premium members also get 50% off at executive health check-ups.

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Tonic Cash

Tonic understands your needs and that is why tonic cash gives you maximum cash up to 2,50,000 Taka. If any Tonic Premium member is admitted to any registered hospital for three consecutive nights or more, they will receive 25000 tk. Tonic premium members can avail this offer upto ten times a year. Advanced members will get up to 1,00,000 (10,000 Taka 10 times a year) and tonic basic members will get up to 4,000 Taka (1,000 Taka 4 times a year).

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Tonic Doctor

Back pain? Not going away? The baby always has a cold? For this kind of emergency needs you can consult a doctor anytime at your convenience. Tonic brings you "Tonic doctor" service, which allows you to talk with the doctors. Our doctors are always ready to take the time to listen to your problems. To talk with a Tonic doctor just call at 789. Tonic Advanced and Premium members will get the benefit of getting initial minutes free and they will be able to chat with doctors through Tonic app as well. Get appointments of more than 2000 doctors of the country. Only Tonic premium members can get appointments of 30+ renowned doctors hassle free.

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Health Tips

Now you and your family members can get daily advice on how to stay healthy from our health tips regularly. Tonic Advanced and Premium members can choose health topics according to their choice and needs. You can get all these information and advices via SMS or by simply visiting the website to get more reliable information. Healthy instant recipes, keeping the body and mind fresh or preparing for jogging – many such broad topics are covered in the Tonic website.

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