Tonic Doctor

Dr Mohammad Al-Amin

General Practitioner, Medical Officer in CRP, Mirpur

7 years of experience


Advanced training in Physical Medicine


Dr. Al-Amin has completed his MBBS degree from East West Medical College & Hospital. He wants to do an FCPS in Physical Medicine, and wishes to work with old people who are ignored and alone in their later stages of life. In the future, he wants to build a Center on Pain management and Rehabilitation.

“Being a doctor is the toughest job ever. But I am motivated when I challenge myself, and through Tonic we are helping getting rid of at least one misconception - that doctors aren’t able to give enough time to their patients.”

This generous doctor has been working with Tonic since the very start, and has an experience of working in telemedicine for 3.5 years prior to this. He also works at Centre For The Rehabilitation Of The Paralysed as a residential medical physician.

Practice Areas

  • General Medicine