Tonic Doctor

Dr. Nasrin Jahan Ratna

General Practitioner

7 years of experience

MBBS, FCGP, CCD, PGT (Internal Medicine,Family Medicine)

Dr. Nasrin Jahan Ratna has graduated with internship from Women’s Medical College in 2010, specializing in Internal Medicine. She highly values the work she does in Tonic, as it helps her gain a different perspective from her work as a common practician.

“I get to help who are in emergency need, say in the middle of the night. Even if for nothing but a primary treatment, it helps to stabilize our patients, and I can give my caller a proper direction on what to do next”
After graduating, she has done a PGT from DHAKA Medical College Subject in Internal Medicine, and CCD from BIRDEM General Hospital; FCGP from Bangladesh Private Medical Practitioners Association, Dhaka. She is now attempting her MRCP as part-1 of her post-graduate studies. Aside from continuing in Tonic, she wants to pursue a career in Internal Medicine.

Practice Areas

  • Internal Medicine
  • Diabetes Management
  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis