Tonic Doctor

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Biswas

ইGeneral Physician & Emergency Medical Officer (EMO)

4 years of experience

M.B.B.S. (DU

Advanced Training on Diabetes Management, Trained In BLS(CPR), Clinical Nutrition And Ultrasonography.

Dr. Pradeep Biswas has a keen interest in surgery, worked at surgery unit of the Labaid Specialized Hospital and in the emergency unit of Community Medical College & Hospital, Dhaka.

He has been with Tonic from the very start. He has learned a lot from Tonic, he claims, particularly how helpful telemedicine can be even in the most stressful of situations. He believes that telemedicine can bring a change to the overall medical community, and reach out to a larger base of people.

“The smallest suggestions from doctors can bring comfort and change the life of a patient – which really motivates me”

Dr. Pradeep has graduated from Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College and Hospital at 2013 with a specialization in surgery. His interest in surgery has always been present from a young age, and he desires to pursue his career in surgery into the future.

Practice Areas

  • General Surgery
  • General Medicine