Tonic Doctor

Dr Rani Khanam

General Practitioner

2 years of experience



Completing her MBBS from Chittagong Medical College in 2014, Dr. Rani Khanam has aimed to pursue a career in radiology and imaging.

“This is such a job that provides services to people from remote areas and to rural people. It helps those who cannot afford a common doctor."

She is now in a course of diploma in Radiology & Imaging in CMUD and has been a Tonic Doctor from August 2015. She likes telemedicine because it allows her to help  a lot of people within a small time span.

“Helping through the phone is not always easy but we request them and ask them about their history. if I ask about a specific point i can always get answers from the patients.”


Practice Areas

  • General Medicine
  • Radiology