Tonic Doctor

Dr Shahriar Sharif

General Practitioner & Lecturer in a Medical College

14 years of experience

Trained as a skin specialist by education and by profession, Dr. Shahriar Sharif has been working for over 14 years in the medical field. Dealing with numerous emergencies has prepared him to deal with every kind of situation.

“As a doctor, you can get calls at any time of the day. Or night. But that doesn’t bother us, as it’s part of our duty.”

He was part of the 1st batch that had graduation from the National Medical College Dhaka. He has taken part in numerous operations and surgeries, and to him his most satisfactory moments have been when a surgery goes successfully.

“Seeing a patient go from bedridden to walking in the span of a couple of weeks, that’s something really satisfying to watch”

Practice Areas

  • General Medicine
  • Skin
  • General Surgery