4 Ways to realize that your weight is under control

You have been exercising regularly and maintaining a proper diet. But, somehow the weighing machine hasn’t been showing you the expected result that you wished for. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be worried because the weighing machine isn’t the only source of measuring your success in losing weight.

Notice these symptoms -

Firstly, it’s important to understand the reason behind your weight loss plan. For example, if you are suffering from diabetes and are willing to control it, you should be checking whether the blood sugar level has reduced. You should consult with your doctor regarding your cholesterol level and blood pressure.

Does your cloth fit?

Are you being able to wear your tight jeans again? If you aren’t facing any problem wearing shirts which didn’t fit you before, then you are in proper shape. The first signs of gaining weight is being unable to wear your desired clothes. You are successful in losing weight if you are able to wear those shirts which don’t fit you again.

Strong muscles

Measurement of body fat and muscle weight are the same. By exercising regularly, you'll be able to transform your obesity into a muscular body shape. This will make you look slimmer than before due to the different structure of the body. However, you wouldn’t notice much difference on a weighing machine.

How much water have you been drinking?

Your weight may fluctuate depending on how much water you have been drinking. the weighing machine might be showing one more kilogram than normal, if you had an extra liter of water, but hadn’t gone to the washroom before weighing.

Maintain a certain weight

It’s important for every human being to retain a certain weight according to age. Remove the excess fat if you are overweight. But, it can be harmful if you try to lose your body’s minimum required weight.

You should try to lose 500 grams to 1 kilogram (at maximum) a week, maintaining proper nutrition, diet, and exercises.

According to doctors, every human body is different. So, each person has different requirements according to their physic. Everyone doesn’t get the same result when it comes to losing weight. Have patience, you will succeed.

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