Your body weight is controlled by two numbers- your daily calorie intake and daily calorie loss. The healthiest method of reducing weight is to eat as much as the body needs to get its nourishment and exercise accordingly and lose the extra calories.

But many people cannot allocate time to exercises in their busy lives. But again, are worried about excess weight. How will they lose weight?

Keeping your daily activities unchanged, through careful selection of food lists, losing weight is also possible. However, in order to reduce weight overnight, many follow the different crash-diet which is not right. Its long-term effects are even worse.

Changing food list to reduce weight is a matter of long-term habits. Here are some simple changes that you can make starting today.

Avoid Red Meat:

Choose meat, fish and poultry as a supply of proteins. Avoid meat with high cholesterol and fat like red meat from cows, goat etc.

No more fried food:

Grill, bake, roast or boil your food. Nutrient quality of any vegetable or meat is reduced and lots of fat is added through frying.

Start with a soup or a salad:

Starting a dinner with a soup or salad reduces your appetite. As a result, you can eat less carbohydrate.

Stop drinking colas:

Where you plan to take a limited amount of calories, a small bottle of cola drinks will ruin everything. Every 20 ounces (about 28 grams) of cola has 250 grams of calories. So you can calculate the calories in a bottle of 250 grams yourself.

Drink more water:

Drinking a little water often will reduce your appetite, and the stomach will seem filled. As a result, you will not want to have snacks outside of your plans.

You can talk to a nutritionist and make the right food list according to your profession, sex, and age. With the help of Tonic Membership, call 789 and get the doctor's advice. Or you can book your favorite doctor's appointment with Tonic through the Tonic App. We want nothing more than your overall well-being.

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